We aim to create a platform to put an accessible and affordable health services in the hands of every person in Vietnam

Improving public health care

We bring a convenient, affordable, quality healthcare solution to the vietnamese people. Addressing the inadequacies that our health system is facing such as the overloading in big cities hospitals, the situation of unfair health services, especially for people in remote areas who does not have conditions to reach good doctors. Through telehealth, we expect everyone to take care of their health regularly, even when they feel healthy.

Passionate and talent team

Deepcare team are experts selected to work together to deliver the best service to patients and doctors. We are qualified researchers, engineers and doctors with many years of experience working in an international environment in the field of Healthcare and ICT. Professional network of specialist doctors is selected to match Deepcare's culture and mission. Our platform is developed based on cloud computing, video streaming and artificial intelligence

Cutting-edge technologies

Deepcare brings cutting edge technologies in Deep learning, Federated Learning and Blockchain to improve the quality of the health system. We build Deepcare AI Lab in the order to carry out R&D activity on the latest technologies while respect absolutely the ethical problem. We believe that users (patients, doctors) are at the heart of every idea and service.

Multiplatform online appointment and Tele-consult system

Users can book appointments, make tele-consult by video or phone call, ask health questions, check health problems or even chat with our doctors

By using Deepcare application and having an internet connection, anyone can be taken care by the best doctors in Deepcare's selected doctors community.

Developed by a passional and professional team, Deepcare helps patients understand their health condition and helps them take care effectively, smartly and economically of their healths.

Deepcare team

We build a strong, passionate, mindful and talented team

All of us have an ADN and spirit of Startup. We work for passion and desire to bring value to society and community.
Doctors and patients play the most important role in our work. We try to do the best to bring the quality services to them

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